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Q: This seems too good to be true. What's going on here?
A: For Buyers: The math is simple - most Realtors keep all of the commission the seller pays them, but we don't. Instead, we give up to 2% back to you. So when you buy a house, the seller (or builder) pays us a commission and we're simply giving some of that $$$ back to you. There is never any charge to you as the buyer.

Q: How mush is the Rebate?
A: Your rebate is 2% of the sales price of the home you purchase. This is based on a standard transaction where the selling agent (Texas Homes 2 Percent Rebate) receives 3% of the sales price as a commission. BigTex Realty will issue back to our customers the 2% rebate within 7 days of closing or at closing if the builder allows us to do so. A 3% commission is standard to the selling agent but keep in mind it is possible that the commission could be less. It is rare. In the event that the commission to the selling agent is less than 3%, the rebate would be prorated to 2/3 of the commission. The rebate is based on the amount the builder bases the commission on. Some builders do not include upgrades into the sale price for purposes of the commission

Q: I already walked in to a new home builder and registered with them. Can I still add you as my Realtor?
A: The short answer is, you may have just made a $10,000 mistake. Then again, you may still be able to get the rebate. Here's why: A builder allows you to add a Realtor when you show up with that Realtor on your first visit. If you've already visited the builder, they have no reason to compensate a Realtor, since you're already a potential client. However, sometimes a builder will allow you to add a Realtor after the fact. Your first step (even before you contact us) should be to call the builder ASAP and ask them if you can add us as your Realtor. And cross your fingers, because if the builder doesn't allow you to add us as your Realtor, then you have to either a) buy that home without the 2% rebate (ouch!) or b) pick another builder.

Q: How the heck can you afford to give rebates?
A: We have created our whole firm around the concept of rebates. We use technology to be more efficient than other Realtors can be (for example, this FAQ you're reading now means we don't have to answer the same questions over and over on the phone!). We are simply willing to make less money on every transaction because we know it leads to a greater number of clients. When we give you a rebate, we are basically giving you back part of our commission... commission which the Builder pays a Realtor. If you are buying a home, you never pay a commission. In fact, you pay the same price whether you have a Realtor or not, so why not get many thousands of dollars back?

Q: Why don't other Realtors give rebates?
A: Most Realtors can't afford to give rebates, for a number of reasons. Usually the Realtor has to give up to half of his or her commission to the head office, so instead of paying you a rebate, s/he is paying the office to keep the lights on. Other Realtors simply don't like the idea of rebates because they threaten the traditional Realtor's way of life. Lastly, few Realtors are using technology to effectively service clients while reducing costs. Aren't you glad you found us?!

Q: It's not illegal to give rebates? My Realtor said it was.
A: Your Realtor is wrong! Giving rebates is very legal - in fact, it would be illegal not to be able to give a rebate. That's called price fixing.

Q: My Realtor said, "you get what you pay for". Will you provide me with the same level of service as he will?
A: Not only will we provide you with the same level of service, but we'll provide you with a better level of service, and here's how: Our company is not for everyone. If you're not comfortable using email or browsing the web, the advantages of using Texas Home Site will not be as obvious to you. But if you're sick of having a Realtor who's stuck in the ice ages, come enjoy the benefits of technology with us. Our relationship with leading homebuilders and the efficiency of the internet allows us to streamline the real estate sales process and pass the savings along to you in the form of a 2% rebate of the base closing price. Your rebate is a portion of the sales commission earned by BigTex Realty.

Q: Where can I buy a new home?
A: We are Licensed Real Estate Agents in Texas. We can only offer you our 2% rebate if you purchase a home in Texas from a participating new home builder.

Q: How do you define 'new home' and 'resale / existing home'?
A: A new home is a new construction home being sold by a builder. We give a 2% rebate in cash if you are purchasing a new construction home.

Q: I don't want to use a Realtor because I don't want to pay more to buy a home. Why should I listen to you?
A: That's just it - you will NOT pay more to buy a home if you have us as your Realtor. You pay the same price either way. Here's how it works: New homes: The builder is charging a certain price for a home. If you buy with a Realtor at your side, the builder will pay the Realtor a commission (part of which we would give back to you). However, if you buy that same home with no Realtor, the builder will still charge you full price and will not give you any discounts. By law, the builder can only pay a commission to a licensed Realtor. But you don't have to believe it from us - go ahead and call several builders, and ask them if they'll pay the commission directly to you.

Q: I see that you are located in Texas. Can I still use you in another state?
A: Not directly, since we're only licensed in Texas, however we have specialists who spend their whole days matching you up with a Realtor in your area who's willing to give you a rebate.

Q: What if the Builder pays you less than 3% commission. Do I still get 2% rebate
A: We will offer you a rebate based on the ratio of the seller's commission. If a new home builder is offering Realtors a 3% commission, we'll pay you 2%. If the builder is offering a 2.5% commission to Realtors, we'll pay you the same ratio, 2/3, as a rebate.

Q: Is your firm directly affiliated with house builders like D.R. Horton or Drees Homes?
A: No we are not Texas Home Site is a real estate firm offering rebates to buyers in Texas, but we also help people across the whole USA find Realtors who will represent them while at the same time giving a rebate (this means you save money!... a lot of money... $2,000 to $10,000).

Q: How do you make money?
A: We keep a smaller percentage of the commission than most Realtors do, but we're happy to do this because we feel that you deserve a rebate if you are able to use technology to perform some of the buying & selling process (like the initial stage of house hunting) on your own.

Q: How is this all free to me as a buyer?
A: The seller always pays the commission. As a buyer you are never charged for real estate services by the Realtor. Here's why you pay the same price for a home whether or not you use a Realtor: The seller usually has already agreed to pay the listing agent a fixed commission - say 6%. So whether you buy the house by yourself or with a Realtor, the listing agent gets a 6% commission. Therefore, in most cases you cannot approach the seller for a discount, since the seller is paying 6% no matter what - either 6% to the listing agent, or a split of 3% to the listing agent and 3% to your agent. (Remember, this is where we come in: we give you part of our 3% in the form of a rebate).

Q What if my builder isn't listed on your website?
A: Most home builders will work with us. They want us to provide them with customers. Just call us or email us and inquire about any builder not listed on the link we provide.

Q: Do all builders work with your rebate program?
A: Yes, they do! Obviously, they want buyers. We bring them buyers. Please contact us with the name of your builder and we will verify with them to make certain they work with us and also verify the commission they pay to agents, which in turn will enable us to give you a dollar amount you can expect to receive as your rebate.

Q: What do I need to bring with me when I go house hunting?
A: Click here to print the registration card that you need to present to the builders on-site salesperson. Tell the on-site agent that you would like to register BigTex Realty as the agent representing you. It is best if you do this on your first visit with the builder but many times they will allow you to add me as your Realtor as long as you haven't signed a contract. Be sure that you have registered with us and it is best if you let us know where you plan to visit prior to doing so and DEFINITELY before signing a contract with the builder.

Q: What if I'm already working with another agent?
A: It's possible that you may be eligible for our program if you have not entered into an Exclusive Buyers Agency Agreement with the agent. If you have done so you would have to wait until that contract has expired. If you have not signed any contracts with another agent and they have not registered you with the builder then you are indeed eligible. If you have questions about eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone 214-245-4502 or email at info@aurorarealtyllc.com

Q: How do I know I will receive my rebate?
A: We are licensed and governed by the state of Texas. We don't mess with Texas! We have a contractual agreement with rebate form holders who follow the instructions we give them. Just a few simple steps. We must pay you the rebate once the property closes and we receive our commission from the builder. Funds for your rebate come from the commission paid by the homebuilder. Once you have an agreement to purchase a home and you have submitted all required information, we will issue you a statement giving you the exact dollar amount of the rebate that you can expect with certainty to receive upon the successful closing of your property.

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